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How much time to learn belly dancing?


Oriental CourseIstanbul 's Taksim Cihangir in the heart in Belly Dance Course in Dance Cafe Depot in a quality environment and decent, each accompanied by professional dance teachers, belly dance lovers reveal that the claims of professionalized dances. Is brought to life, monotony, and it sounds so good to get rid of the ordinary reasonable prices.

Oriental, the most happy people in other types of dance is a fun dance. That is why every woman nowadays thinning and tightening the pursuit of keeping the rhythm. Instead of dealing with the sports themselves to a boring dance, they prefer to pay for a whole day. Because the form is keeping with the Rhythms of both oriental tightens restrictions.

If you want to earn while dancing aesthetic and wellness, you look forward to our lessons. With belly dancing yourself both physically, spiritually as well as gaining a strong feel and flexibility, you will realize the beauty of your body. Come on, let go for it yourself in music with belly dancing, Enjoy and dance, as well as stay fit, feeling good about yourself...

Belly Dance Course

The content of courses;

  • Aesthetics of the head and chest
  • Hips techniques
  • Harmony of rhythm and music
  • Leg, knee operation
  • Arm and leg coordination
  • Straight line and circular motion studies
  • Basic foot positions
  • Basic posture and breathing exercises
  • Return to work
  • Neck, back and waist work
  • Balance, right-left, 4-way operation
  • Steps and walking techniques
  • Basic choreography

Discover your body with belly dancing

On Course in Belly DanceFully harmonized with the characteristics of the female body belly dancing. Lithe hips, chest and abdominal muscles of the movements of this dance is done entirely in a female body and femininity are suitable estetikliğine. Femininity in the foreground. Contact with soil that is important to provide a barefoot dance. Smooth structure of the female body, with an impressive variety of dance movements characteristic of agitation emerged.

Oriental, the eastern danslarındandır as it is known. Therefore, oriental, western dances next step based on the outside, depending on the movement of the abdominal and core muscles are. Dance movements in an appropriate manner for a woman is very delicate and aesthetic. Would not be hopping and jumping movements in order to ensure soil contact.

Belly dancing is quite a wide ranging and are loved by everyone. Today, this dance is Egyptian, Turkish and Lebanese are the three main styles. In addition, outside of these styles are quite common in American hybrid style. Figures that should be done by following the rhythms and dance. Oriental, dümteklerine body responds to music and rhythm. In fact, belly dancing music can also be more up to date by going beyond the traditional rhythms.


Belly Dance Course CampaignsWomen with belly dancing soul and body into the action! Before reviewing the depths of man's soul it is suitable for belly dancing. Exotic, domestic tickled soul music feels, would surrender ourselves to the flow. Afterwards, our hips, göbeğimizin, feet and body will continue to play with feminine lithe movements. So whether you deliver an impressive music, techniques, knowing the business experts, professional trainers do not want to study?

And all the aesthetic appeal of the city with the best oriental belly dance course, relaxed and friendly professional instructors in an environment of academic learning techniques can be a good dancer in a short time. Thanks to a training course that you have also informed the body by increasing dominance, eye kamaştırabilirsiniz dansınızla. So you are left everyone amazed yourself.

If you think you are too late to make a belly dancing please contact us as soon as possible and Spice up your life.


Dance and Health

ORIENTAL DANCE LESSONS FOR HEALTH Belly Dance Lessons for Health “Dance, at every moment of life is a port of refuge, "expressing Roche, ''Episode of illness and pain...



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